March 10, 2024

This will be the first of hopefully a series of play reports over the various games I play. Expect them to be rough around the edges, they are just as much a reference for me and my tables as they are a play report for others to enjoy.

Finally! After years and years of wanting to, I was lucky enough to be asked to join a new and infrequent delve into a perennial classic: Tegel Manor!

We’re playing it a bit fast and loose with the OD&D Retroclone: Full Metal Platemail


P1 - Merle Fucking” Haggard the mage, John Prine the fighter, Clem Snide the cleric

P2 - Risev The IX Dwarven Fighting Man

P3 - Jack the Hobbit, Ginger the Elf, Eric the Cleric

P4 - Erich Söpten (mage), Samuel Ironwood (hobbit/slinger)

After a tawdry night in the tavern and many hands of cards we collectively won the deed to the ancestral family homestead from Reginald Rump (godbotherer).

Heading out to visit our new holding the party of 9 makes their way up the sodden path up the hill and through the dark of night as the rain comes down, cresting the vantage point to finally see illuminated by a crack of lighting and the boom of thunder… a massive manor, a couple stories tall… wood framed building with a few towers rising from a stone foundation with several lights on within it.

We went to knock on the door and as soon as we moved to do so the doors simply swung in and we allowed ourselves entry.

Upon entering, we were accosted by a cloud of some sort which manifested into majordomo Bertolon. To whom we presented the deed won from the beleaguered Rump before. As everything was in order we introduced ourselves to Bertolon and inquired where we might be able to dry off and rest. He directed us to the first bedroom off the great hall.

Approaching the great hall we were met with two roaring fires and a ball of sorts. We approached the merrymakers to find out they were in fact skeletons. Holding the clerics restrained so as to not turn these undead, Risev made merry and offered a toast to the party at hand. We treated with them until a door opened and another cloudlike entity made itself known to us… the forthcoming ghost of Riddern Ranting’ Rump giving us some explanations but getting side tracked all the while.

Some party members ate and drank with the skeletons engaging in some basic communications, some others dried up by the fires and made plans. Inspecting the place and noting its status as a a fixer upper’.

Making our way to the first bedroom as guided by Bertolon, we examined the magic sword over the bed… but it wasn’t magic… just a well kept shiny artifact.

Hunkering down for the night we were accosted on second watch by stirges coming out of a hole in the ceiling, with one swift casting of Erich managed to Sleep the whole lot of stirges who were finished off, chucked out the door to the bedroom. Summoning Bertolon with one of the many bells in the manor, who arrived to sweep away the corpses of the foul beasts.

After a more restful night for the party we emerged and began exploring the room next to the bedroom to see if we could find a source for the stirges but only found a statue of a figure in armor. Making sure it wasn’t a stirge nest we poked it with the 10ft pole and eventually moved the whole thing to see if there was anything under the base. There was not and so we carried on north.

Making our way through the mumbling hall which was in fact mumbling to us… we found another party seated. Upon an introduction by Jack the party disappeared in a wisp leaving the chamber empty and dark. Almost falling into a man sized hole jack and the other hobbit Samuel found an empty closet… and then a mouse filled butlers pantry scattering the mice and finding a huge 100 year old wheel of cheese the two hobbits carried out slowly back to the party trying not to disturb some large sleeping dog in the north of the room. Leaving a sign for them for later should they need to double back beginning the trend of using symbols to show the danger of the sleeping hound in the Grand Dining Room.

Making our way across the hall from the arched entrance to the Grand Dining Room we found a maids quarters whereupon the visage of a maid made itself known and then shrieked and disappeared. We turned the room over to find a stash of treasure and made our way back to the secured bedroom to stash the wheel of cheese and other treasures.

Marching Order: rank 1: John and Samuel
rank 2: Risev and Eric rank 3: Erich and Merle rank 4: Clem rank 5: Jack and Ginger

From the Mice Pantry:

  • Wheel of Cheese

From Maid’s Room:

  • 1080 copper
  • 10 silver
  • 2 gold
  • opal necklace

This is the sort of game that I can really get behind, I’ve been wanting something classic and simple for a while and I’m very grateful for our GM for running it and for the players I got to share the table with tonight.

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March 10, 2024